Call for Abstract: Transatlantic collaboration: Enhancing clinical care through palliative care research

  Posted On:  Jul 30th, 2016

The International Seminar of the European Palliative Care Research Centre and the European Association for Palliative Care Research Network.

December 1-3, 2016

In this seminar, researchers will share their experiences of conducting collaborative research within Canada and in both North America and Europe. The seminar will provide great opportunities to connect, share experiences and discuss across cross-cultural differences related to traditions and experiences with palliative care.

Panel Speakers: Stein Kaasa, Gary Rodin, and Rebecca Wong

Invited Speakers: Robin Fainsinger, Camilla Zimmermann, Per Sjøgren,Jon Håvard Loge,Konrad Fassbender, Daren Heyland, Augusto Carceni, and Vickie Baracos

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 30, 2016

For more information, visit the conference website:

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Gary Rodin

Director of GIPPEC at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto

Camilla Zimmermann

Department Head of Supportive Care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Head of Division of Palliative Care at University Health Network
Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto


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