The Safari Concept: An African Framework on End-of-Life Care

  Posted On:  Jun 22nd, 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Ntizimira for the recent publication of a book that illuminates the African perspective on end-of-life care.

The rich tapestry of African cultures, traditions, and beliefs surrounding the end-of-life journey is explored in "The Safari Concept: An African Framework on End-of-Life Care". This book comprehensively examines the distinctive challenges, rituals, and practices that shape the African perspective on mortality and dying, drawing on extensive research, personal anecdotes, and insightful interviews.

Essential characteristics of "The Safari Concept" are:

  1. Diversity in Culture: Examine the various African cultural practices and attitudes regarding end-of-life care, emphasizing the richness and complexity of African beliefs and customs.
  2. Discover the holistic and compassionate approaches African communities employ to provide solace, support, and dignity during the last stages of life.
  3. Consider African societies' cultural, spiritual, and healthcare intersections to understand end-of-life care's ethical challenges better.
  4. Discover strategies and recommendations for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and individuals navigating the end-of-life journey in an African context.
  5. Relevance on a global scale: Recognize the significance of diverse perspectives in promoting inclusive and culturally sensitive approaches to end-of-life care worldwide.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a student, or someone interested in cross-cultural comprehension, "The Safari Concept" is an indispensable resource that challenges conventional wisdom and encourages us to adopt new perspectives. We can forge a more inclusive and compassionate approach to end-of-life care by embracing the knowledge and experiences recounted in these pages.

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Christian Ntizimira

Founder and Executive Director of the African Center for Research on End-of-Life Care


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