Great Turnout for CALM International Advanced Workshop

By:  Katrina MacAlpine  Posted On:  Jun 8th, 2015

“The first casualties of cancer are emotional ones. CALM is one way we can help reduce patients’ fears and help them manage what lies ahead.”  Dr. Gary Rodin, GIPPEC Director

The Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Training Program hosted an advanced CALM workshop in Toronto May 31 – June 2, 2015.  The advanced workshop is aimed at clinicians who are incorporating CALM therapy into their sites and practice.  The CALM team was happy to welcome clinicians and researchers from across Canada as well as the UK, US, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Chile, Saudi Arabia and China.  

CALM is a psychotherapeutic intervention program consisting of three to six individual sessions which are 45-60 minutes each.   Sessions are delivered over three to six months by specially trained clinicians.  Not only has CALM assisted many advanced cancer patients and their families at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where the therapy began, but it has also been implemented in centres internationally to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

CALM addresses issues related to:

1) Symptom management and communication with health care providers
2) Changes in self and relations with close others
3) Sense of meaning and purpose
4) The future and mortality

The CALM team continues to foster and develop international CALM-related research projects.  Presently there are CALM-related studies ongoing in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Italy.  Dr. Gary Rodin recently traveled to Beijing, China to teach and promote CALM.

An introductory CALM workshop for those new to CALM will be held in the fall.  Please contact for further details. 

Photo Credit:  UHN

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Gary Rodin

Director of GIPPEC at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto


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