Conversation about Physician Assisted Dying

February 20th    10:00am - 03:30am


The "Conversation on Physician Assisted Dying" is organized to stimulate discussion about some of the challenges in implementing Physician Assisted Dying (PAD) in Canada. It will bring together thought leaders who will be involved in one way or another in the further debate and implementation of PAD. Participants include people from the health professions and regulatory colleges, patient advocacy groups, the judiciary, bioethics, the legal profession, the Ontario Consent and Capacity board, the media, and academia more generally.

The featured speaker of this event is Dr. Scott Kim, a psychiatrist-bioethicist of the University of Michigan and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Dr. Kim just published with two colleagues a study on euthanasia in the context of mental health in the Netherlands in JAMA Psychiatry. The publication was featured in the New York Times and here in Canada in CTV news, and was the focus of a commentary in JAMA Psychiatry by Paul Appelbaum, a leading American psychiatrist and one of the international experts on the concept of competency in health care decision making.  Dr. Kim will point out some of the broader implications of his study in his lecture. After his talk, several brief commentators will help connect the lecture to the wider discussion around legalizing PAD in Canada.

This event is supported by the Global Institute for Psychosocial, Palliative and End-of-Life Care; the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation; and the Faculty of Law, of the University of Toronto.


Venue:   Vivian & David Campell Conference Facility, Munk School of Global Affairs, the University of Toronto

Address:  1 Devonshire Place, Toronto


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