What is CALM

CALM is a brief, evidence-based, psychotherapeutic intervention for individuals with advanced cancer.  It addresses patient’s needs through these 4 domains:

  1. Symptoms management and communication with health care providers
  2. Changes in self and relation with others
  3. Sense of meaning and purpose
  4. The future and mortality

The CALM Therapy Training Program

The CALM Therapy Training Program is designed to teach and supervise healthcare professionals in the delivery of CALM therapy. The program has two levels. In the introductory level, learners will develop clinical skills to help patients manage the challenges of living with cancer, reduce distress and promote psychological well-being. The advanced level will focus on enhancing learners’ therapeutic skills through clinical supervision. Upon completion, learners will be certified as CALM therapists.

To date, we have trained over 200 healthcare professionals, including oncologists, primary care and palliative care physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, spiritual care providers and music therapists from over 20 countries.


Introductory CALM Training

In this level, learners will

  • Be introduced to the rationale, structure, theoretical foundations, therapeutic domains and processes of the CALM therapy
  • Explore the application of CALM through case presentations 
  • Practice CALM therapy with standardized patients (actors with special training to play the role of patients)

Upon completion, learners can apply CALM techniques to enhance their practice.

Open to all health professionals

Advanced CALM Training and Supervision

At this level, learners will

  • Enhance their CALM therapeutic techniques
  • Explore group supervision experience
  • Have the option to discuss clinical cases in their settings and receive feedback
  • Receive two sessions of small group supervisions

Upon completion, learners will be certified as CALM therapists and can practice CALM in their health care settings.


To participate in this program, learners must have completed the introductory CALM training.

The CALM Train the Trainer Program

The Train the Trainer Program is designed to support the adaptation of CALM therapy to different treatment sites around the world. Upon completion, trainers will be certified to provide CALM training and supervision in their health care settings.


To participate in this program, learners must have completed the introductory and advanced training.

Contact us for customized training for you and your colleagues at gippec@uhn.ca

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Gary Rodin

Director of GIPPEC at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto


Lesley Chalklin

Program Manager of GIPPEC and Princess Margaret Global Cancer Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre



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